Meet the Men-at-arms and the Priest

Sir Jehann

Sir Jehann is the chief man-at-arms of Castle Bridgnorth. He has known Earl Robert since they were teenagers studying how to fight in Normandy.

Sir Jehann is from a small castle on the Normandy coast. He was the second son and so has no inheritance there. He has been making a living from the Earl since he was 18.

Physically, Sir Jehann is stout and medium height. He has brown hair that is graying and no mustache or beard.

William and Chrestian

William is the older brother (aged 22). He has one older brother who is a man-at-arms for a Count in Picardy. William has been in the Earl’s service for 3 years.

Chrestian is his younger brother (aged 19). He joined the Earl’s service before the campaign in 1101.

They look very much alike, same brown hair and blue eyes, except William has a crooked nose that was broken in a fall from a horse when he was 12.

Father Cuthbert

Father Cuthbert is a Saxon priest in the Church at the time of St. Aethelstan. He is very much a thinker and has heard of the theology of St. Aethelstan. Father Cuthbert believes women have no souls and that heathens are doomed. This strains his relations with the women in the castle and the Welsh workers (who are mostly Christians unbeknownst to him).


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