Meet Rowena and her Family


Rowena can be a bit bossy. She has always had Maud around as a younger friend. She was born at Quatford (or is it Altford?) and moved to Bridgnorth Castle with her father, sister and brother when she was 11. She often complains that Maud is a Norman name, yet she never mentions that she alone in her family has a Celtic (Welsh?) name.

Rowena is generally concerned with the future. She constantly makes plans and wants to know what tomorrow has in store. For her the sense of confinement and uncertainty from the siege is oppressive.

Physically, she is slightly tall and thin for 13. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes.

Her father Godwin

Godwin is the blacksmith. The Earl moved him there from Quatford when he made Bridgnorth a chapel Castle. Godwin is very proud of his Saxon heritage and wishes that England could be run as a Saxon nation again. He is very close to his younger brother Manfred; they even look alike. The main difference between them physically is Godwin’s muscular arms and hands.

Her sister Edwina

Edwina is now a woman and works as a servant  in the kitchen. Physically, she looks a great deal like Rowena. In terms of personality, she is harsher and more bossy. This may have to do with the loss of her mother 3 years before, some form of anxiety disorder, or basic personality, or all them.

Her brother Edric

Edric is pesky. He has learned that the best way to get attention from Rowena who is his primary caregiver is by annoying her. He is also Godwin’s only son and has his father’s devotion. Like his father, Edric has fuzzy brown hair and brown eyes.

Her uncle Manfred

Manfred is the stable groom. He cares for all the horses in the castle. He began working with horses when he was eight and enjoys his work. He also enjoys a good laugh. He is the loving husband of Ulrica.

Her aunt Ulrica

Ulrica is a servant in the kitchen. She specializes in making breads and pastries. However, her greatest gift is that of healing. She was taught all the local herbs and cures as a child by her grandmother. Unfortunately, she and Manfred do not have any children and so she has no one to pass her knowledge down to.


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