Meet Maud and her Family


Maud has had many advantages in life, for which she is grateful, because she is the daughter of the Castle Seneschal (that is the castle manager). She has freedoms to go where she pleases as long as she is working and to talk to whomever she wishes as long as she is respectful. She also has eaten from the Earl’s table every day, which gives her a far better diet than children on the nearby farms.

Physically, Maud is slightly tall and medium weight for a 12 year old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

She was born in Quatford (or is it Altford?) and moved to Bridgnorth 2 years ago when the Earl upgraded Bridgnorth to a chapel castle and downgraded Quatford.

Her father Peter

Peter is a proud Norman. He was born in Normandy in 1064. He joined the service of Earl Robert when he was 16 and moved to Shropshire. He had intended to be a man-at-arms, but his strengths are in organizing and managing. The Earl made him the sensechal of Quatford at age 24. He is the husband of Aedrica.

Her mother Aedrica

Aedrica is a servant in the kitchen. However, she has a natural instinct, like her husband Peter, to organize and manage. Aedrica’s good sense and tact keep her from taking over the kitchen of her first cousin Mildred.

She has only had one successful pregnancy, and so Maud is her only child. Aedrica credits her having lived to the age of 37 to her lack of pregnancies. She may be right, as the life expectancy for married women at that time was 36.


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