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Maud’s Future?

Someone recently asked me if I was writing another novel about these characters in Bridgnorth. The answer was no. This siege was the most exciting and only story-worthy event that happened in their lifetimes (except Wulfstan and Sir Jehann). So … Continue reading

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Did Normans look really different from Saxons?

They were probably about the same height, skin color, eye color and hair color. What made them look different was their hairstyles and clothing. Saxons wore simple tunics. The women and girls wore floor-length tunics (under-tunics and top tunics) and … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know to Survive in Saxon Times

(Assuming you have a time machine and want to take a vacation or Holiday break there.) 1. How to speak Old English. You are unlikely to find anyone who speaks other languages. 2. The laws of the Kingdom. Breaking even … Continue reading

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