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Was a Technical Writer interested in Children's Lit, Victorian Lit, Theology, Charity Work, and Health/Nutrition. Now a Spiritual Care Minister.

Some Good Comments

This book was entered into the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards and received some good comments from the judge. The prime question is typed below in its entirety. “What did you like best about this book? A great deal of … Continue reading

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Why Did Castle Sieges Happen?

Why did they not just negotiate? Why did they not just have a battle? Why go to the trouble of building such thick walls which may or may not ever be attacked? These are tough questions. The answers have to … Continue reading

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A Hiccup

There will be a hiccup in the online ordering of this novel in late September, due to something the publisher needed to get put right. Hopefully, it will be orderable again in a week or two. Thanks for your patience.

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Maud’s Future?

Someone recently asked me if I was writing another novel about these characters in Bridgnorth. The answer was no. This siege was the most exciting and only story-worthy event that happened in their lifetimes (except Wulfstan and Sir Jehann). So … Continue reading

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Writing a Report for School?

Have you ever wondered why teachers want you to use novels for book reports and non-fiction books for history reports? If the writer of the historical novel has done a lot of research, why can’t you use their novel instead … Continue reading

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How Did You Get a Job Back Then?

Generally, girls and women did not have a paying job in 12th century England. They worked a lot, but rarely for wages. They helped with the family farm or fishing. Boys were often trained to the work that their father … Continue reading

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Midwest Book Review

Here’s a link to the 5 Star review from the Midwest Book Review.

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