Finding Historical Details

For this novel I needed trees, plants and birds. So I researched which ones are native to Shropshire where Bridgnorth Castle was built. Unfortunately, native species in a modern scientific study may only have been in a locale for 300 or 500 years. I needed ones which have been in the Severn valley at least 900 years.
Finding them is difficult because no accurate, scientific drawings or specimens exist from that era. The best I could do was find mention of a native species and then look back to see when it had first been sighted in the modern, scientific literature. I found several that were said to have been there without migration or interference. I found one that was said to have been there since ancient times. I took that as good enough.
Like any other writer, I can research and make an educated guess and hope that the detail will work in the story.


About Alettas

Technical Writer interested in Children's Lit, Victorian Lit, Theology, Charity Work, and Health/Nutrition.
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