The Joy of Writing a Historical Fiction

For me, writing historical fiction is a joy. I love doing the research on a historical period. I love traveling to the place where the history happened. I love imagining who the people were. I love making up the parts of the story which are not in the history book.

In this novel, I did my best to stay true to the facts of the siege. Not many facts are known so that part was fairly easy. The facts I was able to learn gave me the beginning and end of the story. My imagination and research on Saxon England and Norman England gave me the rest.

Some writers of historical fiction feel the history should be a backdrop for THEIR story. I feel the opposite. The challenge to writing this form is to never contradict the past while fleshing it out with story. The characters in “Precious Norman Honor” are as close to actual Saxons and Normans as I could get. Hopefully, you will feel that they are True and that you have been transported to 1102 AD.


About Alettas

Was a Technical Writer interested in Children's Lit, Victorian Lit, Theology, Charity Work, and Health/Nutrition. Now a Spiritual Care Minister.
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